Schteiff Quartz Worktops

Schteiff quartz kitchen worktops are fabricated in the UK. Quartz is actually one of the hardest materials known to man; diamond is the hardest, followed by sapphire and topaz and then quartz. It measures 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness which makes it an extremely hard wearing and also non-porous material.

For the Schteiff range of quartz worktops, ground quartz is mixed with polymers and pigments to produce a range of kitchen worktops to suit all purposes. Quartz is a crystal with unusual depth, clarity and radiance and has a cool, fresh, sparkling look. It is found in rocks, in the earth, in sand and comes in many different forms, colours and types. It actually has a radiance close to that of diamonds.

Schteiff Quartz Colours


More about Schteiff Quartz

Schteiff quartz worktops have several qualities that make them superb for use in the kitchen. They are also used in laboratories, hospitals and catering establishments.

Schteiff is non-porous. What this means is that it is totally resistant to stains and spills that would damage many other worktops such as marble and granite. For instance, leave red wine or lemon juice on granite overnight and you have a stain. With Schteiff it will still be sitting there in the morning simply waiting for you to wipe it off.

It is also resistant to olive oil, butter, fats, vinegar, and spitting from hot oils in the area next to the hob. This is particularly important since such spitting may well go unnoticed. Certain aggressive chemicals such as paint stripper could cause damage and are best avoided as are printing inks, permanent markers and bleach. If any such spill should occur, wipe off immediately. Schteiff quartz worktops are also resistant to heat.

Schteiff is also resistant to cuts and scratches. Technically it is probably possible to chop or cut foods directly on the surface, but then there might be damage to the knife. Use of a chopping board is recommended.

Unlike marble or granite work surfaces, Schteiff requires no routine maintenance such as resealing. For cleaning purposes a simple wipe with a damp cloth, together with a little washing up liquid should suffice. Then just rinse with a little water and dry with a paper kitchen towel. Given this simple care your Schteiff quartz worktops should last for life.