Which Is Better, Granite Or Quartz?

When thinking about new kitchen worktops, or even replacing a whole kitchen, there is a choice of many different materials to consider. Many people rush out and buy something which “looks nice” without taking into consideration some important factors.

Lets look at the key features and benefits of some of the popular choices.


Let’s first talk about Granite

Granite is an extremely hard material and an excellent choice for kitchen worktops. However, it does have one drawback in that it is somewhat prone to staining from spills from food or liquids. Butter and oil, acids like lemon juice, grapefruit juice and vinegar, and especially red wine and beetroot can all cause staining if left. Therefore Granite requires resealing on an occasional basis to give it at least some protection from staining.

Granite worktops come in a wide range of colours, from light creams to deep blacks. With regards to heat resistance, while the use of a trivet is recommended, most users find that putting a hot pan down on the surface causes no problem at all.


Are Marble worktops an option?

Many people refer to “marble” worktops when talking about a kitchen worktop they may have seen somewhere. However, because of its’ softer nature marble is not used as often as Granite or Quartz and usually what they will have seen is one of the latter.

Marble worktops are considerably softer than both Granite and Quartz. While still a natural stone, marble is subject to scratching. This can cause obvious issues in the kitchen which is often an area of the home subject to everyday use. As with Granite, marble worktops can suffer from staining as well.


So is Quartz the right choice?

Quartz worktops, while made of stone, are a composite man-made material. The stone content is of tiny little pebbles which are held together by a bonding agent which may comprise up to 20% of the whole. Quartz worktops are easy to care for and do not suffer from staining in the same way as marble or Granite worktops do. There is also an extremely large range of patterns and colours available with Quartz.

Quartz is certainly the more versatile and robust material, built for the challenges of everyday kitchen use. Furthermore a quartz worktop requires less overall maintenance when compared to Granite. For example, Granite requires occasional resealing to protect against staining. By comparison, Quartz (being non-porous) is naturally resistant to staining and heat.

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